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Todd County experiencing a rapid increase of COVID-19

Todd County is experiencing a significant increase in COVID‐19 cases. From October 30 through November 12, 396 cases were reported in the county. With this amount of community transmission, residents are more likely to come in contact with a person who is infected with the virus in settings where they are around other people. There is great concern that without following prevention measures our local hospitals may reach capacity and hospital beds will not be available to those who are seriously ill or injured.

It remains critically important that we all wear masks, social distance by at least six feet, wash our hands often, keep social and family gatherings small, and stay home if we’re feeling sick or have been exposed to COVID‐19. The more we work together to practice these measures, the more we will help to slow the spread.

In response to the statewide rapid increase of cases, Governor Walz signed Emergency Executive Order 20‐96 on November 10 which restricts social gatherings, celebrations, and the hours and operations of bars, restaurants, and venues.

As a reminder, the previous Executive Order (20‐81) remains in effect which requires Minnesotans to wear a face mask in all indoor businesses and public indoor spaces because research has shown that the use of face coverings can greatly reduce the risk of infection when combined with other prevention efforts.

Data from case investigations and contact tracing indicates that social gatherings, weddings, funerals, restaurants, and bars account for the majority of community spread at this time. There are a few reasons why these particular settings are risky:

• We tend to underestimate the risk from people we know and love.

• Eating and drinking means people aren’t wearing face coverings.

• Singing, laughing, and talking loudly puts more respiratory droplets into the air.

• Drinking alcohol can cause people to forget about staying six feet from others.

MDH Online Complaint Form

If there is an instance where a bar or restaurant is not compliant, Minnesotans can follow the instructions on the MDH Online Complaint Form:


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