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Tri-County Health Care hosts final brick ceremony

On August 24, Tri-County Health Care (Astera Health) in conjunction with Mortenson Construction hosted a final brick laying ceremony. At the rear of the new building, select members of staff gathered for a special moment in the construction of the new facility.

Tri-County Health Care randomly selected four staff members to install the remaining bricks. In less than 100 days, the overall structure of the new building will be complete, leaving only interior finishing projects.

Prior to the ceremony, President and CEO Joel Beiswenger delivered an update on the progress of the building. According to Beiswenger, the new building is two weeks ahead of schedule. He also explained that even with the addition of the fourth operating room, the project is only marginally over budget.

Isaac Hamann, April Damlo, Kaysha Beiswenger, and Carissa Mitchell, DC, were selected to install the final bricks.

The new building is tentatively scheduled to open in Spring 2023. For future updates, please visit and follow Tri-County Health Care on social media.



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