Verndale City Council: Work at new water tower site is underway

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held its regular meeting on April 12. Mayor Tara Erckenbrack and Council Member Tony Stanley were absent.

Water Tower and Meters

Clif Allen with Moore Engineering said they held a pre-construction conference on the water meters and water tower on March 30.

There is a delay on the water meters until June. A change order was submitted for the water meters for a one-month extension on substantial completion. There was a discussion about the meter setters which act as a mount for the meter and reroute the water from the valves in the home to the meter. Allen would like to order enough to have some on reserve, 100 total. This falls into the contingency at a cost of $20,440. The change order was approved.

Excavation at the new water tower site began on April 5. The site had filled with water from the water table and had to be pumped out. They also hit an old, abandoned storm sewer. It will be pulled out and the ends of the pipe will be capped. . .

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