Verndale School Board: COVID funding covers broad spectrum of expenses

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on October 5.

COVID-19 Funds

They are predicting to be net neutral with the loss of students and the contingency they built into the budget last year. They will retain $2000 per student lost due to aid. The current enrollment is 510. They are budgeting for 535 and plan to bring a revision to the November meeting.

The Wadena County superintendents attended asking the Wadena County Commissioners for COVID funding. Verndale will receive approximately $35,000. Commissioners were concerned about double-dipping and were looking out for the taxpayers.

Current funding includes:

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief 9.5% ($2284) to be spent on summer school needs, mental health needs for students, staff, and families, and providing additional support to students from underserved populations. . .

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