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Verndale School Board: Hat or no hats in school is the main topic of discussion

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held its regular meeting on March 7.

Superintendent Paul Brownlow submitted his letter of resignation to the school board, effective on June 30. His letter stated it was a difficult decision to make but one that he believed was best at this time.

Hats or No Hats?

Members of the Verndale Student Council attended the school board meeting to present why students should be allowed to wear hats in school.

Student Council Treasurer and Class President Dalton Moyer, junior high representative and Student Council Secretary Aubrey Hess, and freshman and Student Council Member Otto Lehmann had a well thought out presentation that resulted in changing the minds of several board members on the hat policy.

Moyer discussed the hat policy as freedom of expression and also wearing them for personal reasons.

Moyer explained, as captain of the hockey team, for away games they wear warm-up suits, including their hats, as it is allowed elsewhere.

The student council felt that culture and society have moved away from wearing a hat being viewed as disrespectful.

They can wear hats for fundraisers and dress-up days. . .



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