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Wadena County Commissioners hold regular meeting

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on August 17.

Tax Forfeited Land Sale

Heather Olson, auditor/treasurer, and Missy Lund, county tax specialist, have been working with a real estate online auction site to list tax-forfeited land properties. The plan is to have a preview of the properties prior to the land sale and the actual online auction will open up to bidders in October.

Human Services Quality Measures

Jennifer Westrum, Human Services director, plans to update the commissioners twice a year on quality measures taking place in that department.

They are targeting areas in the agency that have struggles.

They currently have 59.4 full-time employees and have been operating at just over 54. Going into 2022 they will operate at 57.4 employees.

The turnover rate, not including retirement, was five percent. Teleworking has increased productivity.

The agency didn’t have a reimbursement process for out-of-home placements. A workgroup was formed and they meet weekly to resolve this issue.

In 2018, the county collected $52,000 and in 2020 captured $86,000 and so far this year they are at $85,000. They have improved in the area of collections and plan to further improve on it.

Out-of-home placement and the number of children has been reduced through evidence-based practices, meeting weekly and working with community partners such as law enforcement, the hospital and the attorney’s office. . .



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