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Wadena County Commissioners: Lack of maintenance costs more in repairs later

Note: The second photo is not pictured as listed in the caption above.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on March 1.

Technology Conference Room

The discussion continued from the February 8 work session for a technology conference room on the lower level and moving the mailroom upstairs.

The idea was to put the mailroom in a hallway by the auditor/treasurer’s office, block it off, and open the walls to the auditor’s office on the main floor. This would also give them more secure space for ballots.

Board Chair Jon Kangas would still like a LAN office as the proposed conference room area is across from the assessor’s office.

Mail is currently delivered to the auditor/treasurer’s office, other delivery services place packages wherever. The post office and Auditor/Treasurer Heather Olson discussed having an outgoing mail slot, which they don’t currently have, and a location for it. County Attorney Kyra Ladd said her office will get mail for the courthouse. There isn’t a centralized mail or package delivery location.

Olson said the mail machine is long and the contract was just renewed. Kangas suggested using the commissioner’s space. Olson said it is full and being used for storage. Ladd said they had climate-controlled storage space at the Wensman building that could be used instead of using space in the courthouse. . .


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