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Wadena County Commissioners: Lengthy discussion on County Waste Ordinance

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on January 17.

Non-Profit Dental Clinic

Jane Neubaruer, with Partnership 4 Health, shared an update on a regional project at the non-profit dental clinic in Becker County. They have 6600 on Minnesota healthcare programs and it is difficult for them to find dental care. They don’t have enough providers, and the reimbursements are not enough for private care providers. They conducted a regional survey and the site was chosen in Frazee.

Woodland Dental is unable to expand and is filled to capacity with patients. The hope is the new clinic will help alleviate some of the traffic to Woodland Dental so they can serve more locals.

They are now in the process of fundraising for the clinic. The region has nine counties in hopes they could assist with potential ARPA funds. She asked if Wadena County would have any available funds?

The plan is to build the new clinic, expand their clinic in Hawley, and expand dental providers, over the next five years. The collaborative budget is $12-$15 million. The clinic will be operated by Northwest MN Dental Access and the project will be self-supporting through insurance. They have a third clinic in Fergus Falls operated by Apple Tree. . .


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