Wadena County Commissioners: New drainage system or new 4-H building?

Note: This photo is for illustrative purposes only and is not the actual Wadena County Fairgrounds.

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on May 11.

New Drainage at Fairgrounds

The Wadena County Commissioners held a special meeting at the 4-H building on May 3 to discuss plans for the fairgrounds drainage project. Ryan Odden, the county coordinator/engineer, explained the biggest change was catch basins with a steel grate system placed east of the commercial building and the beer garden, about four feet down. Darrin Lehman didn’t have any opposition to the proposed design. Commissioner Jon Kangas commented that $2 million spent on drainage could be better spent such as on a new 4-H building. He was concerned that if the fair was ever moved, the work would be in vain.

Janette Bower, the Wadena city administrator, said the funds they received for drainage off of Highway 10 would include this. That’s why they are looking into it. Commissioner Bill Stearns explained the catch basin on Highway 10 was removed during the road project and they don’t want the polluted water from the highway getting into the clean water of the fairgrounds.

Approved the final design from Bolton and Menk. Kangas was opposed. . .

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