Wadena County Commissioners: Property tax penalty waiver is discussed

by Trinity Gruenberg trinity@inhnews.com

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on April 14. Property Tax Penalty Waiver The committee is recommending to the county board the abatement of the tax penalty and interest until July 15. The intent of this is to lessen COVID-19 effects related to financial hardship to business and property owners and to take steps to keep the county organization financially strong. Auditor/Treasurer Heather Olson wished to move forward with the proposal from last week on the abatement. She has not heard anything from the state level. She is not in favor of just lowering the fee or doing it just for businesses as it’s not enough to help those facing hardship right now. Commissioner Jim Hofer said the legislature was back in session that day and he would like to postpone the topic one more week. Commissioner Jon Kangas would like to waive penalties and extend the deadlines through July 15. Olson isn’t opposed to a blanket approach, but doesn’t believe she should do the ones that are escrowed. Those people affected by the shutdown would be part of it. “I can see us being incredibly lenient in this situation,” said Olson. . . .

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