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Wadena County Commissioners work session

—Not an actual Wadena County snow plow

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their first work session of the new year on February 8 at the Wadena County Courthouse.

Snowplow Safety

Ryan Odden, the county coordinator, discussed a snowplow safety program on behalf of Darrin Fellbaum, county engineer, who was not in attendance. Morrison County has done this for several years and Odden would like to do the same for Wadena County.

The program would show kids how to be safe around snowplows and the dangers such as waiting for the school bus on the side of a road as snowplows are going by. They would present at each school in the county, looking to educate third or fourth graders. Most of the cost of this would be covered in-house, except for t-shirts they would like to hand out that was not budgeted. They are looking to get 350 t-shirts and the quote was for $2432. They recently received two more quotes for lower prices. . .



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