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A Matter of Perspective

By now (unless you are living under a rock or don’t drive anywhere) we all know how much gas prices have been going up and up and up with no end in sight.

I don’t usually promote apps but this app is one that I have been using and I am sure you are going to want to use it, too.

It is called “Get upside” and is an app that you can use to scan your receipts from gas stations (and a few other places) to get money back from your purchases.

This app is no joke. The money you get back is real! And with prices the way they are, this can potentially put quite a bit of dough back into our wallets!

How it works is this:

• Download the app on your smartphone or another device

• Set up your account

• Buy gas

• Scan your receipt

• Get money into your account

• Request the money

• Transfer to your Paypal, bank account or get a variety of gift cards to places you might shop like Walmart, Ace, Target, Starbucks, and a host more.

• Smile because you just got money back...

The gas stations in the Clarissa area are in Browerville and Long Prairie. They may be different in your area. You also have to pay attention to the prices. For example, the gas station in Browerville is 24 cents per gallon cashback while the same brand in Long Prairie is only 20 cents back per gallon.

Another participating gas station in Long Prairie offers 26 cents per gallon cashback, however, that station starts with a higher gas price.

Now, remember, you don’t get the money off at the pump, you have to scan your receipt and get your money through the app. But it will be very important that you get and scan your receipts!

If you refer your friends to use the app, you and your friend get a special 15 cents off a one-time purchase. But, you will get 1 cent per gallon every time your friend/referral uses the app from then on.

Just think, you could stay home and let your referrals do all their driving and you would still make a little money

It may not seem like much but these days every penny counts. I will be sharing my referral link on Facebook. You can sign up using my link and then get your own to refer your friends, too.

I hope this app works for you and you enjoy using it!



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