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A Matter of Perspective

Guess what all you would-be novelists? It is almost time for Camp NaNoWriMo. The new season of attempting to write your “world’s greatest novel” is just days away commencing on April 1.

During this camp, you can write fiction or non-fiction. You can even choose the number of words! I’m sticking with 50,000 words and am attempting a work of non-fiction this time. I’m sticking with the 50,000 words because I already have approximately 3000 words written on my “masterpiece!”

As you may recall NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month—started many years ago and was a one-time-a-year event taking place in November. Within 30 days you were to write a 50,000 word draft of your novel. There are no prizes except the prize of having done such a monumental task in 30 days.

In later years, the NaNoWriMo crew has added several “camps” throughout the year as well as several workshops before an event to get you ready for the said event!

Again, I am throwing down a challenge to all of my writing friends—join me in this virtual writing event. We can even get together and have a few face-to-face writing times if you would prefer that.

The goal is whatever you want it to be, but I would suggest at least 20,000 words. If you choose 20,000 words you would have to write an average of 667 words per day to meet your goal. That is not too many! If you do opt for the 50,000-word option, you will be tasked with 1667 words per day.

The 50,000-word option is a bit harder, but it can be done. Thousands of NaNoWriMos complete the first draft every year. Some do it several times a year (in November and during the various camps held throughout the year).

I have only made it one time. I am hoping that this year I can make it at least one more time. That is my goal anyway.

Since I have a 3000-word head start, I can’t be lazy and take it easy for a couple of days. I need to write more so that I can build up a surplus of words so that on those busy days I can slow down a bit.

You can e-mail me at if you would like to meet at a local restaurant for an in-person writing day or two.

If you feel you have a novel or other piece of “work” in you just aching to get out, take advantage of Camp and get started on April 1.

You can go to to get signed up. It is free, so don’t worry about that (although they do have “merch” you can purchase).



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