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A Matter of Perspective

There was a bad accident last Wednesday near Clarissa. When the rescue units and sheriff deputies arrived, something amazing took place.

Not one of them slowly went over to the scene.

Everyone, from the EMTs, first responders, and firemen to the deputies ran to the scene. They didn’t know what they were going to encounter, but they put their own fears behind them and went courageously forward to help in any way they could.

I have seen this on numerous occasions. These men and women put us first and risk their own lives to rescue us.

There has been so much negativity about the police lately, but they don’t see our hometown police run to the scene of a horrible accident.

They don’t see them risk their lives at a traffic stop.

They don’t see those police officers cry when there is nothing they can do.

We may not see it either, but it happens.

Each and every day law enforcement officers put on their uniforms and step into their roles as protectors and enforcers. So many of them do wonderful jobs of maintaining peace.

But we don’t see them. We don’t need to see them...until we do. Until our friends or family are hurt and need help. Until we are hurt or being threatened and need help.

All I know is that I am glad to have our local units of protection all around us keeping us safe and helping us when something bad happens.

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