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A Matter of Perspective

The phrase “I will” holds a lot of power. It holds power, even as much power as “I can’t.” The difference between the two is huge, however.

“I will” brings with it assuredness, certainty, and a feeling of joy and accomplishment.

“I can’t” on the other hand, brings with it defeat, uncertainty, and even despair.

It is the difference between “impossible and possible.” It is the difference between “do and do not.”

I Can’t . . .

Let’s be clear, there may be things that we are currently unable to do, but perhaps instead of saying “I can’t” we can take famous fitness trainer Tony Horton’s words “I am currently unable to do (fill in the blank).”

Saying “I can’t” or any variation of that phrase limits you. It makes you stop thinking of a solution. It literally shuts your mind off.

Once your mind/brain is turned off because of a limiting belief, it is hard to turn it back on. Things don’t want to start up again if at all.

“I can’t” is like throwing a stick through a bike tire—you come to a sudden and drastic stop!

I Will . . .

Saying “I will” on the other hand, is kind of like flipping on a switch or opening up a floodgate and getting out of the way because the action is going to happen!

It is a belief that things will happen and then letting them happen.

It’s like setting your destination in a GPS, starting the vehicle, and taking off.

I have been taking a health, wellness, and spirituality class for the past 11 weeks and I have learned so much. I have been given insights and have found many on my own.

Today, we did an exercise with the end result being this sentence: “I will run a successful business using my ability to write and publish my books and in doing so I will also become free.”

That “I will” statement feels magical! One of the women in the group even asked if this exercise was a “magic trick.” It was shocking how our truths were told through this exercise.

For me, it told a truth that I have long known, but often fail to remember when I let the burdens of the day overwhelm me.

Regaining Focus . . .

Perhaps the most important thing that the exercise did was to help me regain my focus. Regaining focus through an “I will” statement is powerful.

If you feel that you may have lost your focus, create an “I will” statement and “feel” the power!

What will your “I will” statement be?



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