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Booker Takes the Crown as Princess of America: Miss Minnesota Preteen Royalty Reigns Supreme

Willoe Booker is the new queen of the Princess of America Miss Minnesota Preteen Pageant. She is the daughter of Ashley and Tyler Thiel of Staples. Her siblings are Branch and Timber.

Willoe competed in Elk River over the weekend of January 27 at the Princess of America Pageant where she went on to be crowned queen.

She will attend the national competition this July in Branson, Missouri, in hopes of becoming a national title holder.

Princess of America’s motto is “crown with a cause” which means the girls are encouraged to find a platform and do something in the community that they’re passionate about.

With Willoe’s platform, “Willoe’s Wardrobe,” she has collected clothing and so much more for children in need....

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