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Cat Tales

The Tiny Terrorist Trio of Sassy, Peanut, and Salem are all grown up...and are still being little terrorists. 

Salem has turned into a bed bully, even during the day, it doesn’t matter how many cats are sleeping on my bed. At night, it is a different story. The minute I crawl into bed, Salem bullies Mocha off the bed, regardless of who was there first. King is allowed on the bed, probably due to being the only male cat and fellow House Panther. The others are hit-and-miss, depending on his mood. He’s gotten a tad territorial over my bed. I’m trying to break him of it, but he’s stubborn. Even though he is the only cat that likes to be picked up and is super sweet, the horns come out at night, and he chases everyone off the bed and around my room until they leave. I got tired of hearing constant hissing and growling, so there is now a spray bottle next to my bed. It got to the point where I shake it, and they stop; if not, the Kitty Trainer 5000 is activated, and they are squirted with water until they both yield. 

Sassy, the tortie, is living up to her name. Her two favorite spots are the basement and the food bowl. She has now beaten Latte for being the fattest cat in the house. She likes to flop on the floor in front of people, stretch, and latch on to any passing ankle within reach. She now supervises laundry, as the laundry room in the basement is her favorite place for some reason. She sleeps on any pile of laundry or will jump on the drying rack and sleep on whatever is laid out to air dry. She steals all the hair ties she can find, her absolute favorite thing in the world, and loves getting into drawers and purring as loud as she can. She gets furious when I pull her away and shut a drawer. She will growl and hiss and throw a tantrum...this is the tortie-tude I had heard of. She has quite the attitude, yet she purrs the minute she sees anyone and loves attention. She loves to be petted and hates to be moved out of the way of something. Her growls and hisses won’t make us step aside, which makes her mad. 

Peanut, the torbie and Sassy’s sister, is the polar opposite of Sassy. She is a fit kitten who also loves attention and purrs at the site of people. This cat is what I call a “jumping pet”. Instead of just getting a head scratch, she stands on her hind legs, and leans against your hand. She has developed a taste for toothpaste. I have a toothbrush that sits on a charger, and she’ll lick the charger. So, out of all the cats, she has the best breath! She is also our counter surfer, getting onto the kitchen counter, which she’s not supposed to do. We yell, “Get down!” and she will go to the top of the refrigerator and on top of the cabinets, where she will watch us until we leave the kitchen. She cannot be trusted around food. She is a talker and will meow for attention. She also likes to ask for “uppies” stretching up the nearest leg with a paw stretched into the air meowing. She likes to be picked up to look out the door or windows, especially if Pepper, the dog, is outside.

The trio has grown and developed personalities that fit into our chaotic household. They all love Pepper, especially Peanut and Sassy. Pepper recently became diabetic and is receiving insulin shots, but she is back to her old self. She and Mocha, the Siamese, will be nine years old next month.

The cats and dog are doing well. They shed everywhere, leave muddy paw prints all over the bathroom, but most of the time are just lovable little fur balls.


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