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Cat Tales

Apparently, I am cursed, and not allowed to have less than six cats at a time.

Since Bigfoot passed, the other five cats, and dog, have been doing well. The cats went through their strange mourning period where they wanted extra attention they don’t typically seek.

I was not looking to get another cat. But, just like the case with all of my cats, one came to me. This one came to me from a friend that found it on the highway. Ironically, it was the same situation Bigfoot was in when I first got him.

This little black, polydactyl male was skinny, lethargic and wanted nothing but attention. It has been some time since an actual kitten came into the house. Needless to say, he was not going anywhere. We cleaned him up, got him fed and he decided to take a nap on my chest.

It took a few days to find a name for him. Typically, I have a food or beverage theme going (Mocha, Pumpkin, Latte) but I wasn’t feeling any of those for this guy. Since it’s the Halloween season, we decided on Salem.

He’s not quite a long hair but is definitely a fuzzy boy. He is extremely affectionate and mostly sleeps on me or my mom. He wants to be petted constantly and has a very loud purr. I’ve never seen a cat so affectionate.

Recently, the other cats have started warming up to him. Now that he’s healthy, he wants to play all the time. King, the giant house panther, was the first to play with him. He realized Salem is about the size of a kick toy. It’s hilarious to watch. Those two wrestle a lot. Now he’s playing with Pumpkin and Latte. Mocha and Yeti have begun to tolerate his presence. And he also loves Pepper the dog.

He will spend hours chasing a ball around the house and absolutely loves string. He has also figured out how to climb the cat tower and get into the hammock they all fight over as well as the window bed in my office.

Salem may have a quiet meow but his purr is quite loud and if you even make eye contact with him, he will start purring. King also got him started on his bad habit of drinking milk and sitting in the kitchen staring at us for treats.

Salem also has to sit on the bathroom sink when I get ready in the mornings.

He’s adorable and fitting into the household well. I hope he grows up to be huge like King. Now I have two house panthers, a Siamese, a calico, an orange tabby and a brown tabby.


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