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Clarissa Community Club seeks new members

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Clarissa Community Club is seeking new members to bring new fundraising ideas to the table and help with events. This group enjoys having a good time and sharing a few laughs. Pictured: Donna Hinzmann, Michelle Dotzler, Julie Stern, Becky Pratt and Kelly Cebulla.

The room was filled with laughter as the ladies of the Clarissa Community Club joked around during their monthly meeting.

President Becky Pratt shared she would like to be able to build more items or improve items for the community, maybe repair the town’s prized gazebo. In order to do that, they need more funds, which means more fundraisers, and above all, more help.

Pratt and Donna Hinzmann, vice president, discussed a food vendor for an upcoming car show.

The club has about six active members which includes Pratt, Hinzmann and also Julie Stern, Michelle Dotzler, treasurer; Kathleen Nauber, secretary; and Kelly Cebulla to plan fundraising events with funds to go towards the annual city celebration. . .

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