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County employees working from home causes concern and frustration

by Karin L Nauber

The issue of employees working from home and how to regulate that has been on people’s minds from time to time probably as long as people have worked for others.

In more recent years, especially with COVID rules in place, more people than ever before began to work from home.

Todd County government employees were no different.

The topic came to the forefront when Citizen Jody Bebault had concerns and frustrations and brought them to the open forum at the November 15, 2023 commissioners meeting.

She wanted to know when the board would be bringing back the employees to work at the county buildings.

She also asked how the county makes sure the employees that are working remotely are working their 40 hours per week.

County Coordinator Chris Pelzer answered some questions about county employees working from home.

“A number of counties prior to COVID-19 had remote work policies in place, allowing employees to work from home or other locations. Having telework policies with the option to work remotely has helped with recruitment in these counties. Todd County first implemented a telework policy during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Pelzer....



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