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Cozy Theater celebrates 100th anniversary

Dave Quincer is the sixth family member to

operate the Cozy Theater. He plans to turn it over to his son, Matthew, someday.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Cozy Theater has stood the test of time and an ever-changing environment for the past 100 years.

Owner Dave Quincer is grateful to the community so that he has been able to keep the Cozy’s doors open.

The pandemic still continues to test movie theaters. When the pandemic forced businesses to close their doors, Quincer was able to sell concessions until they were allowed to show movies again. But the effects of the pandemic linger.

“Once we were allowed to open, we didn’t have any movies to show,” said Quincer.

Business is slowly rebounding. He explained March will be the first time in three years there will be 11 movie releases in one month. As COVID affected film production and post-production, the entire industry has been playing catch-up. Theaters sometimes wait months to receive a new release.

Quincer explained it has been difficult as streaming services continue to opt for releasing new movies directly on their services and the theaters are skipped altogether. Or the movies are released in theaters at the same time as the streaming services. Some companies are learning theaters need exclusivity before movies are put on streaming services. . .




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