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Deer wreak havoc on hay bales and alfalfa fields

The Haffners estimate the deer have caused over $2800 in damage to their wrapped hay. They will not be able to use the hay to feed their cattle and sheep out of concern for potential diseases. Right; A large herd of deer are wreaking havoc on the Haffner Farm in Eagle Bend. The desperate deer have torn into wrapped hay bales to eat and as seen some died on top of the trampled hay.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A large herd of deer has wreaked havoc on a rural Eagle Bend farm. With the amount of snow we received this winter and the bitter cold this has been happening around the area as well as across the state.

Becky and Will Haffner have always stored hay near their driveway and have never encountered this issue before. The round bales are completely wrapped in plastic. The issue began about two months ago when they noticed the deer were tearing through the plastic to eat the hay.

The Haffners were stunned to see their wrapped hay bales torn apart by the deer, causing about $2800 in lost product. A video of a deer diving into the hay has caught the attention of over half a million viewers on social media.

And they are clearly not willing to feed the deer at their expense. Some have offered advice on what to do to keep the deer out of their hay.

The deer graze the fields and their large numbers have caught the attention of passersby who would stop and watch them. . .



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