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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

February 7, 1996

Meeting Minutes: The Hustlin’ Rustics 4-H Club met on Wednesday evening, December 27, for their annual Christmas party. We held a short business meeting where we discussed the Communication Arts, Horse Bowl, Dairy Bowl, and President Alyssa highlighted items from the Family Chatter. A thank-you note was read from the Matt and Cindy Rowe family.


The Eagle Valley Elementary Science Fair was held on Monday, February 5. Three excellent projects were selected in the research and experiment categories in grades 4-6. Grade 4: Research, Jacqueline Harren, Our Bones; Gayle Perish, Megan Schlichting, Do Services Recycle?; Matt Harren, Air Pressure. Experiment: Mark LaVoie, Spotting Fish; Chris VanHeel, Isaac Landecker, Power of Light; Katy Denny, Water in Snow.

50 Years Ago

February 4, 1971

Ray LaVoie of Clarissa, the county commissioner from Todd County’s second commissioner district, was approved as a member of the Soil and Water Conservation District.


The monthly meeting of the Clarissa Commercial Club will be held at noon on Tuesday, February 9. President Herbert Wolff reminds members the meeting will be held as usual at the Coffee Cup Cafe.


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