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Spider Wars...Part 2...

I had no intention of a part two to this story, but, there is.

As I had previously mentioned, the search for the spider’s lair in my office yielded no results. I didn’t think of looking outside the office.

Along with painting the trim in my office, I recently painted the hallway and stairwell. I had a vision and painted it a very light purple, like a lilac flower. And I decorated with fake flowers. I have pink and purple wisteria hanging off the railing, banister and window. I have a floor vase filled with cherry blossom branches, cherry blossom art, lights...I think you get the picture. My hallway is basically Asian spring that seems to resemble walking into a fairy realm. Anyway, I had a blank wall above the stairwell and I made my own flower arrangement wall art.

It’s quite large and fills the area, adding more fake springy floral to the theme.

Well, I happened to be walking down the stairs and the light caught it just right. I could see the threads of a shiny spiderweb taking over my arrangement. It irritated me since I had to walk under that constantly and I had no idea how long it had been since the critter made its home there.

I dusted off the webs, carefully, and kept my eyes open, but I didn’t see anything looking like a spider. I thought maybe I could take it outside and shake it, but that would require touching it...not happening!

I went on about my business and forgot about it for a while as I was a bit preoccupied with other home improvement projects.

I just happened to be laying on my bed with King the cat and was checking out the different colors of my new ceiling light when he started to fixate on something.

His eyes got big and he began to fluff up a little. I turned around and saw what he saw. It was a fuzzy black spider. It looked to be the same size as the one haunting my office. It was just hanging out on the wall by my headboard...inches from where I was laying.

I did the only thing I could at the moment. I grabbed a tissue and squashed it, then quickly threw the tissue on the floor. I didn’t see anything on my wall so I moved the tissue with a pen, and there it was, dead, in the tissue.

Then I looked at King, who is the biggest of the cats in the house, previously an outdoor cat, and he fluffed up over a spider? Wow! The house panther is afraid of spiders. Oh, great!

And I still have a dilemma...was it the same spider? I really don’t know. But I feel like it was. Either way, if there are other spiders residing in my home, they will face the same fate.

I’m hoping this is “the end”.

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