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In Focus

Who doesn’t love to be woken up at 2 a.m. by the sound of crashing?

A few months ago, I decided to do some work in my closet. The thick wooden pole used to hang clothes was literally being held up by holes in each side of the wall. Naturally, there was no support in the middle and the pole was beginning to bend.

I picked up three brackets to hold up the pole and give it more support. Each was put in with anchors. Since I have a dormer in the closet I had to move the pole down, which actually gave me more room to hang items, and a space for a small shelf. It worked out great.

There was never a light in the closet so I picked up two LED light bars that had motion sensors. This was also great since I didn’t have to fish around to find the light.

There were times I would forget to shut the door all the way and Mocha would sneak in there to climb around in my clothes and crawl into a shelf tucked in the corner. Not only could I hear her, but the lights would also turn on and give her away.

I’m a fairly light sleeper. Most noises will wake me up. I sleep with every light off and no sound in my TV, no music, nothing. This particular night I had taken a muscle relaxer for my back as I had aggravated my bone spurs from who knows what. This does make me sleep a little bit harder.

I heard the sound of something crashing. Thinking it was the cats getting into something, I opened my eyes to see my closet door fly open and the lights turn on as if a portal to hell had opened in my closet.

My first thought was “Mocha, what did you do?”

Seeing the pole and brackets at the bottom of my closet, I sighed and was about to go back to sleep when I thought, oh, crap, what if it was Mocha and she was under that pile of clothes? So I had to get up and do a cat check. Mocha was asleep in her hallway cat bed, and the others were fine.

I went back to bed.

The next morning I took a closer look at the damage. The brackets had ripped out of the plaster and lath wall, anchors and all. Oh, great. Another thing to put on my to-do list to fix.

I was advised to get some metal anchors called toggle bolts. I picked them up with some screws and got to work cleaning the mess up in the closet. I had to make the holes bigger to get the anchors through the wall. Then I noticed the screws I got were too long. And nothing else I had would fit the toggles.

I was beyond exhausted at this point and in no mood to troubleshoot. So the pole went back into the original holes in the side walls. I hung everything back up and called it a night.

At some point, soon, I will have to fix this issue before the pole decides to snap. Maybe some rainy day...

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