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In Focus

As the season begins to change and cooler weather is upon us, my need for my precious black, leather trench coat increases. is still missing...if you did not know I have been searching for it for quite some time.

This is really the one piece of clothing I really care about and must have. It really has become a part of my identity.

Late one night, the thought of it probably being stolen kept popping in my head. So I snooped around on a sell-it site on social media to see if maybe someone listed it for sale. No such luck but I did find others listed for sale, even nearly the same style I had for a few hundred dollars. Like I have that kind of money to spend...

Browsing through the selection for sale on the site, I came across one that caught my eye. It was in better shape, had more pockets and the asking price was $50 (more affordable in my price range). I asked the seller if it was still available and it was. The only drawback was it was located in Blaine. Normally, I wouldn’t waste my time making a trip like that for one item but there was no way I’d find another black, leather trench coat like this and especially for that reasonable of a price. I made arrangements with the seller and planned to pick it up the next day. Plans were to meet him in a public place.

I shared what I planned to do with my co-workers, just in case, because you never know these days...

I made the 2.5 hour trek after work on a weeknight and met up with the seller in a Denny’s parking lot. He was very nice and was surprised I was buying the jacket for myself. He thought I may be purchasing it as a gift for someone. I told him about my love of these jackets and how mine went missing.

I put the jacket on and it was heavy. This one was definitely going to be warmer than the other one. It was a large, a men’s large, so I’d need to have some adjustments made but otherwise it was perfect.

After chatting with the guy, I found out he was originally from this area...small world right? He was a cool guy. He also gave me an idea of what shops were in the area I could check out while I was there. Just down the road was a Savers. Needless to say I made the most of my trip and did a little shopping.

I got home around 10 p.m. Not too bad for a weeknight trip.

I was just happy to have a trench coat again. It may need a few alterations but it is in great shape and definitely worth more than what I paid for it. I am most excited about the inside pockets. My other one didn’t have those. It feels like a pretty good upgrade.

While I am not ready for the cooler weather, and I hope for a long, warm fall, I am excited to brave the cold in my new apparel.


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