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In Focus

Things don’t always go as planned. This weekend really tested my patience.

The plan was to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get the Halloween light show plugged in, tested, know...the usual.

Friday did not go as planned. I was busy in the yard fixing some items when it began to rain. Great. I went inside to wait it out with the intention of working on the inside decorations but that idea was quickly derailed.

We have a new kitten. A little polydactyl, male black cat. We named him Salem—more on that later. But the first night home, he was given a bath and we didn’t see anything on him. Well, now we found out he had fleas.

This is not something you wait to deal with.

He was bathed again, in Dawn dish soap. This method has been used on kittens in shelters for ages and it works well. Needless to say, Salem was not at all impressed with the bath and getting fleas extracted.

After he was taken care of, it was time to bathe the other five cats and the dog. This went as well as expected and took several hours. I was drenched several times in the process. Pepper, the dog, managed to get hair all over the bathroom.

On Saturday, after covering an event, it was back to the yard to work on plugging in the show. Then it rained, again, all freaking day. So it was back to the house and I assisted mom in some deep cleaning. Anything and everything fabric from blankets, and pillows to whatever went straight into the basement to be washed. I steam cleaned the area rug and a fabric chair and scrubbed the leather couches, floors, etc. It was a lot of cleaning. Hopefully, we got it in time.

On Sunday, I woke up early as my anxiety about getting the light show ready to go wouldn’t let me sleep. Thankfully, it had finally stopped raining but it was super windy. I was in the yard by 8:30 a.m. and by 2 p.m. I finally finished up. I had to go back out and secure a few items because of the wind.

After three days of issues, I was finally able to test the light show. And it is working as it should. Thankfully. I just have some very minor adjustments to make and we will be good to go by Saturday!

The Hewitt Holiday House Halloween Light Show will begin this Saturday, October 1 at 7:30 p.m. There are 10 songs, I believe, and, of course, we are taking monetary donations for the Bertha Area Food Shelf. More details to come in the upcoming weeks.

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