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In Focus

Another holiday approaches...even though it feels like we just celebrated Halloween last week.

I’ve been so busy that time has just flown by. The light show is nearly complete and should, hopefully, commence on Thanksgiving night.

The Christmas Tree Drive is back to help those that may not have funds for a Christmas tree or holiday decorations. The items I have will be set out on the sidewalk starting the day after Thanksgiving and I will continue adding items I receive for about two weeks. Donations are always welcome.

As of Sunday, I still have two songs to finish for the Christmas light show. I haven’t even done a test run yet if that gives you an idea of how busy I’ve been. But it’s almost done and the yard is ready to go. That will be one job lifted off my shoulders after this week.

I am greatly looking forward to my long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I have about 14 Christmas trees that need my attention (I’m aware I do have a problem), a house to deep clean, and whatever else I’ve neglected for the past month due to my chaos. Most of all I’m ready to sleep in and attempt to relax a little. I have no chill, and can’t sit still long.

After the chaos of the holidays, it will be back to the house projects I started this summer and had to put on hold because of the light shows. I have a feeling that I may not be able to get Christmas out of the yard until spring, again. Oh well, I guess Santa will just have to hold the Easter bunnies, the trees will be decorated with Valentine's hearts and the reindeer will have to wear leprechaun hats. It will just be a happy-merry everything. That works for me.

I hope everyone gets a chance to relax and enjoy their family and friends this weekend.

And please remember not to trample the poor retail workers on Friday morning if you’re heading out for some holiday shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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