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In Focus

This month’s book club book was the I-94 Murders by Frank F. Weber. It was a great book!

The story is about a Minnesota BCA investigator Jon as he follows clues to solve a string of murders along I-94. The murderer, who goes by “Culwcth”, leaves notes at the scenes of the crime for Jon to decipher.

In Jon’s personal life, he is separated from his fiancee who returned to their hometown of Pierz to cope with life after she was attacked. A television reporter ex-girlfriend comes back into the fold and attempts to win Jon’s affection.

Jon is hired by a wealthy family to solve the attack on their daughter, Ava, and to protect her. Jon responds to another murder and meets the victim’s sister Sonia. Jon takes Sonia and flees the scene of the murder as they are being pursued by the killer, and he takes her to his parents.

Ava calls Jon’s parents and Sonia answers the phone, bringing the two together, and they plan to take matters into their own hands.

Jon narrows in on the killer, discovering information to apprehend him before he strikes again.

The murderer in this book is based on a profile of a real-life killer, known as the Golden State Killer (I-690 Killer). I also learned this book is the second in a series, which didn’t affect the story much. I assume the details of the fiancee’s attack were in the previous book.

The book was very engaging and kept you guessing on who the killer could be and what is going on with Jon’s love life.

We all really enjoyed this book. I would like to read the entire series. If you like true crime, murder and mystery, this is the book for you!

The next book is Dart by Phil Rustad. “Dart is a non-stop action thriller that will take the reader cross country and into a world of unknown weapons, killers and justice re-defined. Nearing the end of a successful career, Minneapolis homicide detective Dan Neumann was looking forward to retirement and a relaxing summer riding his Harley, woodworking, and writing another textbook on ballistics. But Neumann’s leisure plans go up in smoke when law enforcement calls on his expertise to investigate a murder involving a weapon so sophisticated, so lethal, it’s never been seen before.”

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