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In Focus

The yard transformation into Halloween is well underway!

This weekend I was able to get the large props out, even repainted a few faded blow molds.

I have the best neighbors, two were over one morning and helped me move the coffin out of the garage and set it up. Another one trimmed some branches off of a tree in the front yard that were becoming troublesome. One of those limbs is one I typically decorate, but it was drooping so low I could almost hit my head on it walking underneath it. So, the tree will look a little different, but all is good. I am grateful for my neighbors help.

I switched up the layout this year because I was getting bored with the same thing. The funny part is, even though the big items are out, I still have to get the inflatables out and about 10 totes of other stuff for outside. Not to mention I need to plug everything in!

I got a head start on decorating this year as my knees are still shot and it takes me longer to do things then in previous years.

Along with physical therapy, I managed to screw up my right knee somehow and can’t really hyper extend it. I am stuck with a knee brace for a while. But it was nice to not have my knees screaming at me over the was just my feet. So I am taking my time to get everything out and set up.

I also have a new song I am attempting to work on...we’ll see how that goes. I haven’t even touched the program for Christmas. I need to get going on that soon.

Speaking of Christmas, the reindeer army is finally done. I just have one more to seal and they are good to go! I just have to figure out where I am going to put them in the display.

I am excited for light show season to begin! The Halloween show will begin on October 1, with donations going to the Bertha Area Food Shelf. Hope to see you!

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