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In Focus

I love when a community comes together to make something happen, whether it’s a benefit, yard cleanup or in this case, a wedding.

Friday the 13th was a big day for some neighbors of ours as they got married in Hewitt. This was a quickly put together event that was made possible by the neighbors. I believe it was just over a month ago when our neighbors decided they were going to tie the knot, and were planning to do it around Halloween.

There are four of us neighbors in a row, and all got involved in helping with this event.

One neighbor donated the community center that they had previously reserved for their daughter’s wedding, but the daughter chose to wait. The neighbor offered it to the couple and they were ecstatic. So, the venue was now in place. Another neighbor just happened to be an ordained minister, so that worked out well. And myself being another neighbor, became the wedding photographer.

The day before the wedding, my mom and others went to decorate the community center. Mom brought many decorations from the house to help the couple with their fall and Halloween aesthetic from glittery fall leaves and pumpkins, to creepy cloth on the tables. Mom did a lot of the decorating and helped in the kitchen with the other neighbors. One of their friends grilled burgers and someone else brought meat and cheese trays. I happily snapped some family and the couples’ pictures as well as photos during the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was short, sweet and to the point. It was a small gathering of some close friends, family and, of course, the neighbors.

The small, intimate gathering was fun. I chatted with family members, while the groom’s kids were trying to get dad to do TicTok dances. After the cake was cut and pictures completed, I headed home. I had work to finish, but it sounded like everything went well and the joyful event concluded just a few short hours later.

While it may not have been someone else’s idea of a dream wedding, the couple was very happy and the size of the venue, decorations or number of guests didn’t matter to them. They’re just happy they are finally married, and for the special occasion they were surrounded by those that truly care.

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