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Letter to the Editor (INH)

To the Editor:

Dear family around Clarissa (just a little update):

This past week was great on Caluya, running around the island visiting the little family compounds scattered near the white beaches, selling and handing out our Caluyanun Scriptures and chatting with them about the Good News of how we can gain a relationship with the Creator.

For the past month, I’ve been busy with our 25 Mangyan grandkids and often working with them for a final reading of our Mangyan translations. They take turns on our three computers reading the text and inserting flags (in our Paratext software) when they come across a word they don’t understand or when the reading is not all that natural to them.

Our soccer field finally dried out so we had fun playing usually between 6 to 7 a.m., their PE class. I can play two mornings in a row with them but by the third morning my body says, “Tama na!” (Enough now!)

Raquel had been doing pretty good until a couple of weeks ago. She once again is on antibiotics for her chronic bronchiectasis. Thanking the Lord for the big help they give her.

One day last week Coach Topher and I rode our motorbikes about an hour away to where we got on a small motorboat (with outriggers) that took us to a Caluyanun speaking barrio, Alibog.

I had not been there for some 24 years. We had a great meeting with the pastor there and handed him a dozen of our Caluyanun Scriptures for him to distribute and begin a reading club. Those interested will read a chapter a day and then get together and share what they learned from the chapters they read—about God and what our response should be in our life as Christians.

I am now in Calapan (the other end of the island of Mindoro) working with Lenie and our three Tawbuid Oriental translators. We are looking over the some 1000 flags/(comments/suggestions) that have been submitted.

I will be here for two weeks while our Mangyan students in three separate groups scattered on the island of Mindoro will be doing DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School). They are excited. Afterward, they will have a two-month summer vacation.

Raquel is now by herself at our home in San Jose, Mindoro. She told me the other night she felt a little lonely after all of us (students/grandkids, staff and husband) had left her.

Once again, thanks so much for your prayers and support. Pray for us translators as we try to finish up this translation, for our Mangyan students as they minister to the little ones in a number of villages in the next two weeks, and for Raquel, her health and that she will not be too lonely.

In His service for His Kingdom and His Word.

Kermit and Raquel Titrud and the teams here



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