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Letter to the Editor (Sun)

To the Editor:

Just an FYI. It’s too late to let many folks know but the Wadena County Board of Commissioners heard a presentation on May 10 during their board meeting at the courthouse. The subject matter of the presentation covered an issue that affects much of rural Wadena County and even to a small degree the cities of Wadena and Sebeka...county drainage ditches.

There are a series of drainage ditches across the county that were built decades ago to assist in keeping land tillable or usable. They are a legal entity. There are 30 and some connect to ditches in surrounding counties.

Most counties inspect and have programs to keep them working. The commissioners in Wadena County decided years ago to not fund them.

Since that time land that was productive has been lost.

The presentation was given by a person from Todd County.

Murlyn Kreklau

District 4 Commissioner


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