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Letters to the Editor (INH)

To the Editor:

This letter is concerning the “In Focus” editorial written by Trinity Gruenberg in the June 29, 2022 edition of the Independent News Herald.

Roe v. Wade, a law that never should have existed, was finally overturned. I thought for sure most everyone would be happy but that’s not the case apparently.

Now it seems that some women feel trapped. Now they can’t go out and do unspeakable things that never should have crossed their minds and then go complain to the government about the results of it. It seems to me they can cause irreversible damage in the process.

Trinity should put herself in the other person’s situation. What if she was the baby? How would she like to be murdered before having a chance to become anything on her own?

And, yes, I say murder because that’s just the bitter truth. It’s flat out cold-blooded murder.

And don’t come complaining to me about “what if the mother’s life is at stake?” I’d sooner have the baby live and have a chance at becoming something better.

A mother’s life can be ruined and sometimes we all make bad choices. But there is adoption.

Trinity encouraging sterilization is sinful. I believe it is brain washing and possession by the devil himself.

I believe there is a heaven and a hell and we all will have to answer to the Lord when we are laid to rest and reach the pearly gates.

Pascal B. Bulcher


To the Editor:

Support Our Women

Dear Neighbors,

We continue to hear the words of our leaders touting Small Government is the way to go but now they just crawled in bed with me! Ick!

Of course, I’m speaking of the overturning of Roe V. Wade by our Supreme Court. It looks like Small Government really means removing regulations that were there to protect us from corporate greed and pollution.

Where will this stop? It won’t. The government will tell us who we can marry. Women will have no contraceptives and be forced into pregnancy. Women (and our daughters and granddaughters) and their precious 12 children will be doomed to lives of poverty, hunger, minimal education and subservience to men.

Be alert. It appears this is part of their plan.

Is the church ready and able to get back into the orphanage business again? Will an unpreventable miscarriage be ruled a homicide? Under proposed legislation, neighbors, family and all will be able to silently turn each of us into authorities for any infraction, instilling fear into us all.

The government and Supreme Court want us and all citizens of all faiths to obey the Bible.

But here are some rules that they refuse to follow. Judge not lest ye be judged. Remember that God will harshly judge those who judge others.

There are over 2,000 Bible verses about helping the poor but the rich and powerful leaders obviously don’t think this applies to them. The Bible directs us to tell the truth, do not judge, have compassion, feed the poor, forgive others and love your neighbor.

Our Christian judges and politicians must have lost their faith by the time they got to these verses. They aren’t aware that their lives would be much richer if they followed these Biblical directives.

Let’s not forget that forced pregnancies kill women. Hunger and poverty kill. The death penalty kills. Our $20 billion guns and ammo industry kills.

Our Supreme Court has become just another powerful political tool for the government to control us. The balance of power between the Supreme Court and the people has been lost.

We know of other societies where women are owned and controlled by men. Forcing women into unwanted pregnancies is only the beginning. Government has no right to control a woman’s body.

Let’s vote for leaders who will honor women’s rights before it’s too late.

Sherry Kutter

Grey Eagle

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