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Making spirits bright: Pen Pals are a welcome solution to loneliness

The art of handwriting a letter sometimes gets lost in today’s hustle and bustle. Having a Pen Pal can help not only revive the tradition of writing letters to each other, but it also can truly brighten someone’s day!

by Karin L. Nauber

How many of you remember having a Pen Pal? Perhaps some of you still do have one or more that you write letters to. By “write” I mean getting out a pen and a piece of paper or typing a letter, putting it in an envelope, affixing a postage stamp, and sending it in the mail.

The art of letter-writing may be used less and less in this world that we live in, but it is still a great way to communicate and make someone’s day.

Raynn May took special care with her Valentine’s Day letter and card to her CTCCC Pen Pal.

Browerville third grade teacher Mrs. Kris Petermeier understands the significance of writing letters and keeping that form of communication alive and well.

This year, as in many years in the past, Petermeier wanted her students to write Pen Pal letters.

“I usually had them write to other teacher friends’ classes in other towns. This year was the perfect chance to twist it up a bit. We wanted to be able to write consistently back and forth, but knew it would probably be too difficult with a class of students. . .


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