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Memories Gone By

News from Browerville's Past

25 Years Ago

August 28, 1997

A groundbreaking ceremony was held last Thursday at the site of the soon to be built Dan’s Prize Meat Processing facility southeast of town. City Administrator Severin Blenkush welcomed the assembly and talked about the last six months of work by various agencies that helped bring the business to Browerville. Pictured were: County Commissioner George Jagush, Alex Weego executive director of the county’s development corporation, Severin Blenkush, Browerville Mayor Steve Wiersgalla, Seventh District Representative Collin Peterson, City Council Member Jack Dressen, Vern (Jay) Noland and Bob Uhlenkamp represented Dan’s Prize and city council members Mark Oberg and Janice Noland.


Dark clouds hovered over the annual Chili Cook-off held in Staples on Saturday, but the rain held off and the crowd enjoyed several varieties of the hot stuff. The “Holy Spices” from Sacred Heart won top honors for best theme/decoration. They won a $75 prize. Team members were Brother Bingo, Sister Tapakega, Sister Hot Tamale, Sister Mary Marga RitaVille, Sister Mary Jalapeno and Brother Bean.

75 Years Ago

August 28, 1947

The extremely hot and dry weather of July and August has seriously affected the production of dairy products, and at the same time has increased the consumption of milk, cream, and ice cream, John Brandt, president of the Land O’ Lakes Creameries said. He added, however, that the situation is not quite so bad in the Upper Midwest states as it is in other parts of the country.


The Browerville Public School will open Tuesday, September 2, with registration and short classes scheduled from 9-11:30. Enrollment indicates an increase over the past year. Students who have completed the 8th grade in rural or parochial schools must submit evidence that they have satisfactorily completed this work before admission will be granted.

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