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Memories Gone By

News from Browerville's Past

25 Years Ago

December 21, 1995

Twelve members of Teens for Christ participated in a Youth Serve program which is sponsored by the Aid Association for Lutheran’s Branch Number 2845. The Association donated $500 to the group from Zion Lutheran Church of Browerville. The money was used to buy toys for the Toys for Tots program. All of the toys, which were bought locally, will also be distributed locally. Participating were Tom Bergs, John Tabatt, Craig Abrahamson, Jonah Mortenson, Allan Mortenson, Brad Abrahamson, Missy Gritz, Carla Schaefer, Leah Mortenson, Kayla Rinde, Sara Abrahamson, and Nancy Eoff.


Dear Santa,

Have a jolly day. I would like a four-wheeler for Christmas. Merry Christmas —Richard Canton.

Hope you are not too busy because I have a list. I would like a big teddy bear. I hope that there is peace on earth. I hope your reindeer are strong. And the elves are making the toys right? Is Mrs. Claus making the Christmas cookies? I have a few other things, but you can give the other kids what they want. I have one more thing. I would like families to be together. —Kim Perlinger.

75 Years Ago

December 22, 1945

The following businesses had Christmas greetings in the Browerville Blade: Plotink’s Meat Market, Wrobel-John Co., Brenny’s Food Market, Iten & Heid, Borgert Concrete Products, Wolter Bros. Distributing, Gen’s Beauty Shop, Kuntz Bakery, Browerville Liquor Store, Todd County Dairy Cooperative, Kotula’s Store, Poplinski & Erickson, Peterson Biddick Company, John Hallek, Sam Berczyk, Kulick’s Produce, Dr. A.J. Lenarz, Frank Plotnik, Dr. H.E. Gardner, Herb’s Place, E.F. Deskins, Con’s Cafe, Mary’s Beauty Shop, Thompson Lumber Co., Ed Cech, Achter & Luke, G.A. Monnie, Achter Service Station, B.V. Meyman, Farmer’s Cooperative Creamery, City Drug Store, E.j. Woell, Browerville Hatchery, and Dan’s Cafe.

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