Mysterious water leak losing 60,000 gallons daily has yet to be located

Water Conservation Services out of The Cities visited Verndale on January 19 to search for a massive water leak. The city is losing 60,000 gallons per day. They use correlators to locate potential leaks in metal pipes. The search has been unsuccessful so far.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A massive water leak has eluded city crews as 60,000 gallons are lost daily, adding strain to the new water treatment facility.

The leak was discovered on Christmas Eve. City maintenance crews worked tirelessly to shut down valves in various sections and test the pressure in the lines. If there is a leak, the pressure should drop. The search yielded no results.

Rural Water was called in to assist, also having no luck in finding the leak.

Water Conservation Services out of The Cities was hired to check the remaining metal pipes in town. They use correlators which are powerful electronic devices that locate leaks in pressured pipes, where the rough location of the leak is unknown. Two (or more) sensors are placed in contact with the pipe on both sides of the suspected leak.

Their search efforts have not located the leak.

The average household uses approximately 3000 gallons per month. This leak is losing 45 gallons per minute. . .

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