NextGen Bears support Buffalo community

by Trinity Gruenberg

A tragic event on February 9 shook the town of Buffalo when a lone gunman entered the Allina Health Clinic and shot five people, killing one. The students of NextGenBears at the Bertha-Hewitt School stepped up to lend a hand.

When Superintendent Eric Koep heard of the tragedy, he recalled the entrepreneur students expressing how nice the community of Buffalo was when they visited for a craft fair this past August.

“The craft fair was so fun and the people were awesome,” said Karla Weishalla, entrepreneur teacher.

Koep called Weishalla and suggested she talk with her students to see if they wanted to make some products to help out after the tragedy in Buffalo.

“Our students were super excited to help out. Upon hearing the idea, they had a team meeting and started designing products right away. It was nice to see the entrepreneurs understand the impact their program can make on people from other communities,” explained Koep.

Koep contacted Suzanne O’ Dell, project manager of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, to ask if she would be interested in this idea. O’Dell was on board. . .

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