News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

December 27, 1995

After the firemen had the fire out and had left for home, Dave Gosiak stood knee-deep in water and insulation. About a third of the ceiling, roof, and rafters were gone off the back of the Eagle Bend Welding Shop. Several of the firemen later returned and spent the next couple of hours trying to clean up some of the mess. They hauled out wet insulation with a tractor and loader and swept the water out of the building. At 3 a.m. they gave up for the night. The next morning Randy Hess brought down a skid loader to finish the clean-up. He was joined by Neil Schlichting, Arlen Johnson, Jerry and Brad Lorentz, and Jason Rice. Gosiak said the skid loader saved a lot of shoveling.


A leaking gasket in the fire hydrant was a challenge for the Eagle Bend city crew of Sam and Lenny Cossentine last week. They had to use the tractor and pickup to break the valve loose and broke one wrench in the process. In the photo, they are using the loader to lower the second wrench into the hydrant to fix the gasket.

50 Years Ago

December 24, 1970

The new light fixtures installed on Friday, December 11, on Main Street in Eagle Bend seem to carry an appropriate Christmas message “May your Christmas be white” to all who venture into the village by night.


The Eagle Bend Eagles plunged forward last Friday night against Swanville to rack up their fifth straight victory this year in basketball. The Eagles outscored the scrappy Swans 74-63, giving the Eagles a 5-0 record overall and a 3-0 record in conference play.

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