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Rodeo fever hits Eagle Bend with Bulls, Barrels, Broncos and Benders first annual event

by Trinity Gruenberg

Eagle Bend has a brand new, big event added to their roster for Eagle Bend Days—a rodeo that many will surely enjoy. 

Sara Luebesmier’s four-year journey to get to this point was guided by her wish to bring something bigger and better to Eagle Bend. 

The former Eagle Bend School football field sat unused for many years since the school closed. Luebesmier’s vision was the perfect solution to put the large area to use once again. 

“It’s the perfect spot. There is so much room,” said Luebesmier.

She approached the Eagle Bend Fire Department and received their blessing for the rodeo idea. After attending several city council meetings and receiving their blessing to use the field that is now owned by the city, she got to work making her dream a reality....



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