Sign unearthed during remodeling gives a glimpse into Wadena’s past

A stained glass hardware sign was revealed during remodeling at 206 Jefferson Street South, showing a glimpse into Wadena’s past. Below, a submitted photo shows tile in front of the door to the building stating Breher’s Hardware that dates back to 1918.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena Development Authority (WDA) purchased 206 Jefferson Street South in August of 2019 and has been in the process of remodeling the building in hopes to attract a business to move in. Recently, the front facade of the building was removed and a stained glass hardware sign was exposed.

The WDA’s mission is to improve Wadena’s economy by redevelopment. Wadena Mayor and WDA Board Member George Deiss explained the building was in a state and the previous owner passed away. Deiss believes it’s been around 10 years since it was utilized as a business.

“It needed a facelift. To make Main Street look better, we figured if we bought it, we could help keep and restore the historic Main Street and make it a building somebody could move a business into,” explained Deiss.

The facade on the front of the building was removed, revealing a stained glass hardware store sign. In front of the door tiled into the cement is “Breher’s Hardware.” Records of the building show Breher’s Hardware was established in 1918 by Frank Breher. The business was sold in 1945. . . .

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