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Tapping their way to victory

by Trinity Gruenberg

The dynamic duo of Brooke Goddard, 12, of Verndale and Mackenzie Wilds, 17, of Staples, tap-danced their way to victory at the Masquerade National Competition at the Ames Center in Burnsville on June 15.

Brooke and Mackenzie became instant friends when they were first introduced and this was the first year they have danced in the same group.

Kristin Lawson, their dance instructor and Brooke’s aunt, asked them and another girl if they would like to also compete in a trio and they said “YES”. Unfortunately, the third girl suffered an injury and wasn’t able to compete at Nationals.

Kristin re-worked the number for a duet, but it didn’t give Brooke and Mackenzie much time to adjust their choreography to the song Rubberband Man.

The girls had four practices to get the tap dance routine just right before heading to Burnsville.

“These girls are very dedicated to dance, but like to push my buttons sometimes! They know when I’m mad,” smiled Kristin.

The nearly week-long competition featured over 900 routines. The duo faced off against 20 other teen duos and trios.

The awards range from gold, high gold and platinum (being the top award). After they announce all the awards, they award the top-five performances. . .


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