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The “rocks and cows” are fed up

Many protesters gathered at the intersection of Highway 10 and Second Street Southwest on August 19 to share their great displeasure of the government and show their support for President Donald Trump.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Many honks and cheers of support were heard during the protest held at the busy intersection of Highway 10 and Second Street Southwest on August 19.

Protesters were fed up with the government and Governor Tim Walz, and also showed support for the upcoming Nimrod Bull Bash.

Wadena County Commissioner Jon Kangas was in attendance with a bright yellow flag saying “Don’t tread on me” representing his constituents.

“It’s time to get off the fence and make a decision. This country is in a down spiral,” said Kangas. “It’s time to take our country back.”

A passing motorist shouted “You guys are awesome!” as a group on the corner cheered and waved their signs.

Music blared in the parking lot of the BBQ Smokehouse as protesters gathered on the corner and sold Trump memorabilia.

“We are all tired of our government,” said organizer Troy Meech, who operates the Nimrod Bull Bash.

The idea of a protest came from an employee of Meech’s.

Meech called Sheriff Mike Carr to inform him of the protest.

“I wanted people to come here for their own reasons, their own rights. Don’t think you’re coming here just for the Nimrod Bull Bash, but for your own reason and for yourself,” said Meech. . . .

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