Todd County Board of Commissioners Coordinator candidates to be interviewed

The Todd County Board of Commissioners are: (from left) Barb Becker, David Kircher, Gary Kneisl, Randy Neumann and Rod Erickson. They will be deciding on a new county coordinator in the coming weeks.

by Karin L. Nauber

The county coordinator job has been open for a few months now. The Todd County Board of Commissioners have reviewed each candidates’ credentials, but at their November 5 meeting, there was a lengthy discussion on what their next steps should be.

Human Resources Sara Ogren brought forward the information at the meeting.

Commissioner Randy Neumann said he thought they should interview five candidates.

After that the discussion on how they should go about doing the interview process ensued.

Commissioner David Kircher said that the law binds their hands on how they do this and what they can discuss during an open meeting because the candidates’ information is not public until they are named as finalists.

He added that if they didn’t choose to interview a candidate who scored higher they would have to give justification for that.

“I have reviewed [the candidates], but not studied who I want to interview,” said Kircher.

He suggested they wait to decide on their five candidates to interview. . . .

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