Verndale School Board: Marcus Edin retires after 21 years of service

Board Chair Marcus Edin was presented with a plaque for his 21 years of service to the district, serving on the school board. He attended his last board meeting on December 7.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on December 7.


Tracee Bruggeman along with Brady Martz presented the findings of the audit.

The change in net position increased over $90,000. The previous year it was over $3.3 million. The difference was due to changes in the pension plan.

There were no findings on legal compliance. Internal controls had two findings, segregation of duties and having the auditors assist with preparations of financial statements. She recommended the business manager perform the internal audit on the receipts periodically.

Superintendent Paul Brownlow explained their business manager is part-time. They can add control items to their policy to fix it. The audit was approved.

Truth in Taxation

Brownlow discussed the Truth in Taxation. The 2020-21 budget was set at $6,908,806 in revenues and $7,390,289 in expenses.

The levies account for just over eight percent of the school’s total revenue. A decline in student enrollment has decreased revenues by $150,000 and there is an increase in federal funds to cover COVID-related expenses.

The Ag2School tax credit is set to scale to 70 percent in 2023.

The 2021 payable is a five percent increase with a 55 percent total credit, with $83,594 savings in the district.

The proposed 2021 levy total is $562,367. It is an increase of $5256, less than one percent.

Approved the revised budget and levy. . .

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