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Verndale School Board: Systematic meeting covers varied topics

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held its regular meeting on November 1.

Facilities Maintenance and Refunding Bonds

Jodie Zesbaugh and Jen Chapman from Ehlers presented the plan to the board for refunding current bonds and to issue a new bond for the air quality and roofing project.

This bond will serve many purposes, saving on issuance fees by doing it all at once. There are four components, two for facilities maintenance which are the indoor air quality and deferred maintenance for the roof; the other two are refunding of the school building bond 2013A and the capital facilities bond 2013B.

The bond refunding will save taxpayers money. The estimated $450,000 to be received from the refunding will be put toward the air quality and roofing projects.

The Long Term Facilities Maintenance funds, $400,000 and $282,000, of Esser funds, will be used toward the air quality project. . .



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