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Verndale School Board: Would you like to receive a “good news call of the day”?

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School Board held their regular meeting on December 6.

E-learning Days

The school shared information on their social medial for feedback on the proposed e-learning day plan.

Some families shared they would like their children to have snow days and would not have them do homework that day. Others were concerned about accessing technology.

It was questioned what if the snow day occurred on a Monday, since the plan would be to send information home with students beforehand?

They would also be used as training days for staff such as bus drivers.

The school will send out a checklist to parents to prepare for e-learning days.

The e-learning plan was approved.


Tracy with Brady Martz reviewed the annual audit.

The summary of general funds compared to the prior year decreased $200,072, with expenses increased $484,543. . .



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