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Wadena County Commissioners explore options for law enforcement shooting range

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on May 7.

Law Enforcement Shooting Range

Sergeant Bryan Savaloja contacted all 87 counties about their law enforcement shooting ranges. He received 27 responses; most counties have a shooting range. Savaloja stated they are thankful for Knob Hill. Still, there are limitations on the training they can do there, such as bringing in a junk vehicle to serve as a squad car and being able to leave it there for more dynamic training.

Savaloja said they are not set on the parcel yet and have yet to speak to neighboring property owners until a decision is made. 

The county parcel they are looking at is long and narrow. Savaloja doesn’t know how many lanes they could fit in there. Commissioner Jon Kangas suggested another pit on County Road 23, around Blueberry Township, which is 40 acres. Savaloja has yet to discuss that parcel with the county engineer as it is still an active pit....



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