Wadena County Commissioners hold regular meeting

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on February 2.

COVID Update

Cindy Pederson, public health director, shared that in January they administered just under 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine, with 58 percent of those going to those age 65 plus. They require a second shot 28 days after the first dose.

They have to order the vaccine weekly, in hopes to receive some. They are notified of available vaccines and how many they will receive. Due to packaging, they have to use 10 doses at a time and within 72 hours. They also have to report the doses administered within 24 hours.

No dose has been wasted thus far.

They remain prioritized with group 1a, healthcare workers, and long term care residents, filling openings with a waiting list from group 1b, those age 65 plus. Staff is assisting with registering people for the vaccine. Wadena County Public Health will continue to have clinics at the Maslowski Wellness Center, by appointment only.

Court Space

They are hard at work at the Deer Creek School to convert the area into court space. A trial is scheduled for February 9.

The focus is on the gym that is being used for the court area. Odden proposed replacing half, if not all of the light fixtures. The low quote for the light fixtures was $3,150.

County Attorney Kyra Ladd said some bathrooms are not designed for adults and need to be ADA compliant.

Odden is tracking expenses for the school in hopes to recoup costs from the state or federal government. . .

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